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One Stitch
at a Time!

All the creations you’ll find here are handmade by me 
They’re made with thrifted, recycled♻️ and vintage materials.
Nothing’s bought brand new!
Because I’m on a mission to divert more stuff heading to landfills!


My Creations are born from the love❤️of exploring ✈️new places and natural🏞️spaces, inspired by time⏳, past, present and future… And driven by the eternal search👀for the weird and wonderful!

Each creation is packed📦with awesome, injected💉with a whole lotta silliness, a dollop🥄 of fun and made with an overactive😜imagination!

If you see something you like here or on my Instagram📸feed.
You can send me a DM💬on IG. Or fill out this👉form.
Everything is made to order to eliminate❌waste 🗑️


🌟Things to Know🌟


No More Fashionable Sheep!

I make most of the materials I work with. This means every creation is one-of-a-kind. And no one in the whole widest world will ever have the same creation as you  The look and style of the creations will be the same. But colours and textures will vary




Slow And Steady Wins The Race

All creations are made to order to eliminate waste. And can take a min of 3 weeks to make. For exact timings get in touch!




Hook for Hire

Want something crocheted but don’t know how to bring it to life? I’d love to help you! Tell me what you want. I’ll send you a quote and let you know how long it’ll take.




Lifetime Guarantee

All my Limited Edition Creations come with FREE repairs for life! Let’s extend the life of our stuff. Instead of bury it in the ground.



Still here?😝wooohhhoooo!

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