When I wake up in the morning🌄 my first thought is “Ok brain how are we going to change the world🌏 today?”

After that: “I need to pee🚽! And then Coffee☕”

My heart glows💖 when I’m exploring natural spaces🏞️ and exotic places🏝️. And watching animals do their thing 🦒

My heart breaks💔 when I see humans being mean to Mother Nature 😟

In my world keeping it real 👊 is an absolute necessity.

Lots of LOLs😆, a few more LMAO😂 and plenty ROFLs🤣 are also an awesome idea.

Fast cars🏎️ and fast fashion 👗 are overrated

Dodgy dealings to make a quick buck💰 is a definite NO! 🙅

Fantasising about living off-grid in the middle of the rainforest 🐸, kicking it George of the Jungle style is also reasonable🎉

Playing outside 🌾, creating more🌈 and making friends with the local wildlife🐨 is an absolute must!

And at the end of the day🌇, spreading the love💜, carpet bombing sunshine☀️ and having fun🤸‍♀️ is all that really matters

When I die I want to be remembered as a person who infected people with smiles😁and good vibes✨. And who inspired others to love🤗 the planet 🌏 too!