4 Crochet Tips for Lefties

I ran my first Beginners Crochet workshop in Canberra.

The class was small and intimate. I was able to go slowly give each person that extra bit of attention. And everyone did a great job 👏 They got to grips with coordinating the hook and yarn. And we covered most of our core stitched in just 2 hours so pretty successful for Part 1 of this 4 part series.

But This fist class wasn’t smooth sailing. Learning to crochet can be hard. Learning to crochet left-handed can be harder! Especially when your teacher is right-handed. This is what I learnt teaching my first class.

One of my students was left-handed. It took longer for her to grasp the techniques because everything had to be mirrored. She was getting frustrated and almost gave up. But we persisted…. awkwardly! No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my left hand to move the way I wanted it too.

Driving home I kept thinking of ways I could make things easier for her in the next class. As I walked through my front door those thoughts followed me. They were there when I closed my eyes. They were in the shower the next morning… And then like a little light bulb waking me up. I had a shower thought! I could teach myself to crochet with my left hand!

Here’s a little video 👇 I put together with 4 very simple tips that make it easier to crochet with your left hand. Whether you’re left-handed and want to learn to crochet. Or you just want to train your brain I hope these 4 little tips will help you on your way.

4 Crochet Tips for Lefties

  1. Get comfortable with holding your hook. There is NO RIGHT WAY!

  2. Get comfortable with holding your yarn. There is NO RIGHT WAY!

  3. Put your ball of yarn on the floor or at least lower than your hands this helped with keeping my tension the same.

  4. Crochet vertically instead of horizontally.

My Results:

Interestingly my techniques with my left hand differ quite a bit from my right. My tension is so much better when I crochet my left… but it could be because I’m going A LOT slower… 🐢

I know these 4 steps seem super basic and a little silly. But you’ll be surprised how tense and frustrating it is to coordinate your hook and yarn the way your instructor is showing you. So I encourage you to play and find a way that’s comfortable for you.

I’m pretty sure there’s a life lesson somewhere in there too 😉

Happy Crocheting!