Winter Is Coming! Need More Oranges!

08:45 on a Monday morning I find myself stuck under the armpit of a man in a business suit on my train into Melbourne CBD. Lucky for me he’s wearing cologne and not coughing on me Because this morning EVERYONE is sniffling. Has a snotty nose or couching their lungs out 🤧

I count my blessings but bury my head deeper into my scarf. And wish I had walked into the city instead.

The germaphobe in me is screaming don’t touch anything and try not to share the same air as everyone… LOL😂! Impossible I know. But it’s a reminder that WINTER IS COMING! And I need to boost up on vitamin C, and stock up on oranges.

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Eco Overwhelm? Start with Food 🥕

You’ve embarked on your eco journey… And holy crap there’s a lot of information to take in! You feel paralysed. You wanna to make changes in your life. You wanna help the environment. Fight climate change, and make the world a better place. But there’s so much to fix you don’t know where to start! Everyday you discover a new piece of information that leads you down a rabbit hole of how we’ve fucked the planet  And you start to loose hope…

I call this eco overwhelm.

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Play with Precious Metal Clay

On my last trip back to South Africa I spent an evening with my uncle. We looked through his collection of semi precious stones.

I learnt about the different grades and what makes some stones more valuable than others. I also saw black jade for the first time and learnt about some stones that I didn’t even know existed. At the end of the evening he gave me a peridot which is my birthstone.

Coming back to Australia I tried for months to figure out what I could do with my peridot…  Then one day my friend Cindy from The World Rocks Jewellery messaged me for a catch up.

And that’s when I had a brain spark! I decided to make a pendant with precious metal clay! I’ve always wanted to work with this medium and Cindy was the perfect person to help me!

Spending the day with Cindy I learnt so much about this fabulous material.

Here are my 5 favourite fun facts about Precious Metal Clay (PMC):

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Why I LOVE my period panties. And why you might like ‘em too!

First up if you’re not a fan of talking about bodily fluids you might want to click away NOW. Because I’m going to explain why I LOVE my period panties 🤘.

The next thing on my list to reduce waste in my life was looking at my feminine hygiene products. From the age of 15 I’ve been using sanitary pads and tampons. Again sitting down and doing the maths on the amount of waste I’ve created over the years. I wanted to find an alternative to these products.

So as always I booked a coffee date with my best friend Google. And researched sustainable alternatives I quickly figured out I didn’t have tons of options. Things that popped up for me where:

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These are not the droids we are looking for

Happy Star Wars Day 2017! May the 4th Be With You! 

This year I crocheted a Stormtrooper to celebrate one of my favourite days of the year! Unfortunately, I don’t have a crochet pattern to share this year. But if you missed it you can still grab your Yoda pattern over here.

As always no amigurumi project is ever complete without a little video so enjoy this bad boy right here.

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Practice Productive Procrastination

We’ve officially moved to Melbourne but the journey to getting settled has just begun… With most of my crochet tools still packed away it’ll be a month since I picked up a hook  .

However this has given me more time to answer comments on Instagram and read my starred emails from you   #winning.

The one question that’s been asked a lot is:

“Why do you work on more than one project at the same time?”

The answer:

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Oh Victoria. How I❤️You!

Over the last 3 years of living in Australia. We’ve noticed a little pattern emerging 

Every holiday we plan (or didn’t plan…) had us gravitating towards Melbourne. On our road trips, we’d explore the smaller towns around Victoria. After a couple of trips, we can officially say we LOVE this region of Australia.

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TravelNicole Kerrigan
2017 The Year of the Fire Rooster

Ok so I had all the intentions to release a free crochet pattern for Chinese New Year again this year. But it kinda snuck up on me! Embarrassingly I thought I still had buckets of time. I was expecting New Year’s in mid – late Feb. Like it usually is.

But as the Chinese Year follows the cycle of the moon it landed on the 28th of Jan instead! Doh!

So you can imagine how surprised I was when I woke up to New Years messages from my family in South Africa.

Even though I’ve totally missed the deadline I’m still going ahead with the project!

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One Pattern = Whole Lotta Possibilities.

For ages, I’ve been wanting to crochet cute fur babies. But I’ve had other projects keeping me busy. I kept pushing the doggies to the bottom of the make list.

Then a few weeks ago I heard our friends who had returned from a stint in Japan found themselves new digs. I figured this would be my chance to make my dogs. They’d make the cutest housewarming gift. They were moving into an apartment so a real dog was out of the question.

I’ve had my eye on the crochet patterns in Ami Ami Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi and fell in love with the little Frenchie.

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