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Aren’t We All Just a Little Bit Weird?

Ok so I’ve been working on a few things this week and what was quite evident is that I’m a little weird… the nice kinda a way, not the creepy kind… Anyways following this thread I started thinking about all the wonderful people in my life and how ok they are with my weirdness. Talk about unconditional love 😆

And over the last month or so we’ve met some really great people who have brought so much sunshine into our lives. And it’s a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be surrounded and supported by a whole lotta awesomeness!

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These are not the droids we are looking for

Happy Star Wars Day 2017! May the 4th Be With You! 

This year I crocheted a Stormtrooper to celebrate one of my favourite days of the year! Unfortunately, I don’t have a crochet pattern to share this year. But if you missed it you can still grab your Yoda pattern over here.

As always no amigurumi project is ever complete without a little video so enjoy this bad boy right here.

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Practice Productive Procrastination

We’ve officially moved to Melbourne but the journey to getting settled has just begun… With most of my crochet tools still packed away it’ll be a month since I picked up a hook  .

However this has given me more time to answer comments on Instagram and read my starred emails from you   #winning.

The one question that’s been asked a lot is:

“Why do you work on more than one project at the same time?”

The answer:

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Crowdfunding – Get Behind The Stuff You Care About

If you’ve never heard of crowdfunding before it’s a cool way to raise money. So if you need startup capital for new projects, causes, or entrepreneurial ventures. This could be an alternative way to raise the dosh!

In all honesty, it’s not too different to the old ways of fundraising. But with the internet, it makes it possible to reach people on a global scale. Lots of people around the world can contribute small amounts to your project. So that you can reach that big money goal quicker. Most campaigns have awesome rewards for their backers too.

Here are 3 Crowdfunding sites that I’ve used to back great projects:

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Documentary on Climate Change: Before the Flood

I’ve been waiting for this documentary on climate change like a 15 year old girl standing in line at a Justin Bieber concert!

I was interested to hear what the science had to say. And I wanted it to come out so I could share it with everyone. Because I think Leo delivers the message much better than me 

Over the years my respect for Leonardo DiCaprio has grown as he continues shine the light on the effects on climate change. This is an eye opening documentary and probably the scariest movie I’ll watch this Halloween. To be honest I’m hoping this documentary won’t make it on my Top 10 Scaryt Movie list EVER!

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My Top 10 Scary👻Movies Of All Time

Gone are the days of trick or treating. Because we don’t have little ones around. Mike and I figure it would be awkward to go trick or treating on Halloween 

Also there’re so many snacks around that contain uncertified palm oil these days. I prefer to choose and buy my candy myself.

So instead of dressing up and ringing doorbells for candy. We’re gonna stay in. We’ll cosy up under the covers (cause it’s still fricking cold here in Canberra!). Switch off all the lights to make it super spooky. Fingers crossed the new moon will help set the mood  . Order our favourite Malaysian curry and do a movie marathon of scary movies!

As I sit down to write my list of horror movies that have scared the crap out of me over the years. I figured it would make a pretty cool blog post. So here are my scary movies of all time. Just thinking of these make me shudder! (And some of them make me feel kinda old!)

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Cool People😎Doing Cool Things

I woke up today, stumbled out of bed with my sleep encrusted eyes and started my daily routine. Had my coffee scrolled through my social media feeds. And let my sweet elixir bring me back to life.

But today was different. Instead of feeling guilty I got sucked down the rabbit hole that is the internet. Excitement bubbled inside me. With each click I was swept down a different kind of rabbit hole.

I had stumbled on many inspiring stories. People from around the world are inventing insanely clever things! And they all have one goal in common: To Make The World a Better Place. Plus they’re making their ideas open source!

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The True Cost – An Unglamorous Fashion Story

For the past week and a half, I’ve had the flat to myself and have been catching up on documentaries I’ve had on my watch list for far too long… The True Cost was one of them!

This documentary opens our eyes to what goes on behind the scenes in the fast fashion industry and encourages us to think about “Who really pays the price for our clothes?”.

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