Cool People😎Doing Cool Things


I woke up today, stumbled out of bed with my sleep-encrusted eyes and started my daily routine. Had my coffee scrolled through my social media feeds. And let my sweet elixir bring me back to life.

But today was different. Instead of feeling guilty I got sucked down the rabbit hole that is the internet. Excitement bubbled inside me. With each click, I was swept down a different kind of rabbit hole.

I had stumbled on many inspiring stories. People from around the world are inventing insanely clever things! And they all have one goal in common: To Make The World a Better Place. Plus they’re making their ideas open source!

What is open source?

In a nutshell, open source is a common term used in the technology world. It refers to the original code for a piece of software or program. The developers of the original code invite everyone to add to their ideas, change it. And make it more awesome. This means there’s no patent or copyright on the original code. It’s free for all to do what you like.

Open source is about collaboration. It brings people together, who may have never crossed paths. It sparks the imagination and great inventions come to life.

And the exciting thing is open source isn’t only about software anymore. More people are creating hardware and other projects and sharing their ideas online. And they’re all free!

Here Are 5 Open Source Projects I Think You’ll Like:

⭐ Precious Plastic: 

You know how bad plastic pollution is. And yes we should say no to plastic. But plastic still exists and it’s everywhere. So why not create something new with the plastic that already exists? This is a project by Dave Hakkens. His aim is to boost plastic recycling all around the world. He gives you all the tools you need to build your own recycling factory. Watch this video below.

 Now go and check out his website. He’s spearheading some fricking awesome projects!

 Global Village Construction Set: 

This project is by Marcin Jakubowski, from Open Source Ecology. With his open source blueprints you can DIY your own tracker, bull dozer or bakery oven. In fact he’s got 50 industrial machines in the pipeline that will be modular in design. Work at high performance and cost a fraction of the price of any commercial machine. With all these machines you could run a small village. Watch his TED Talk to see why this project came to be.

 Street Store: 

A pop up shop for the homeless to shop with dignity. This project originated in Cape Town, South Africa and has spread worldwide. They provide the framework for you to host your own pop up shop. Watch this video to see how it started.


The team behind is project are from Helsinki, Finland. Showerloop is an open source hot water recycling system. It stops the shower water going down the drain and recycles it. The water gets cleaned and purified in real time. This means you can have longer showers, use less energy, less water and save money. Watch this video to see how it works.


 Levis Goes Open Source

Back in March Levis announced that their production methods will now be open source. Why would a company like Levis share their trade secrets with their competitors?  Because they believe in saving water. And if more companies used their process the combined efforts to protect our precious resource would skyrocket. And that’s awesome! Read more on Co.Exist