Crochet Workshop - Foundation Chain

One week in and looking back at the decision I made to volunteer in Cambodia and the crochet supplies I bought for this trip it’s the BEST investment I’ve made in my life thus far!

This week has been… To be honest it’s just impossible to describe… But I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it! Who would have thought that I’d be teaching a crochet workshop in cambodia!

I think I’ve set a good foundation for the teachers to continue teaching groups in the future.


The women I’m teaching are incredible, they’re strong, ambitious, enthusiastic and such quick learners! They’re taking everything in at such a rate, I’m having to think up new things to teach them everyday!

They are super proud of their work and absolute perfectionists! It’s hypnotizing to watch them create!

There’s such a great energy in the class we’ve even got the men interested! 


 I won’t lie there have been a few obstacles one being the language barrier I’ve learnt so much about communicating and being misunderstood in more ways than you can imagine!

But all these learning curves have made this experience amazing we’ve had so much fun learning from each other! And I’m super pumped for week two!

Aw-koon ch ran!
(Thank you very much!)