Documentary on Climate Change: Before the Flood


I’ve been waiting for this documentary on climate change like a 15 year old girl standing in line at a Justin Bieber concert!

I was interested to hear what the science had to say. And I wanted it to come out so I could share it with everyone. Because I think Leo delivers the message much better than me 😁

Over the years my respect for Leonardo DiCaprio has grown as he continues shine the light on the effects on climate change. This is an eye opening documentary and probably the scariest movie I’ll watch this Halloween. To be honest I’m hoping this documentary won’t make it on my Top 10 Scaryt Movie list EVER!

National Geographic are screening the full movie on YouTube for free till the 7 November 2016.


After the 7 November 2016 click here to find out how you can watch it. And for more information about the movie and other ways to take action head over here.

They say knowledge is power. Please share this far and wide. And keep making the change you wanna see in the world