Everyone needs a Good Coat

Good_Winter_Coat_Fix_Lining (6).jpg

I’ve had this winter❄️ coat 🧥 for years but I must confess I don’t wear it as often anymore.

It’s often made its way to the donation pile but I’ve always had a change of mind just before I head out the door. I think it’s the cocoon shape I like so much. And it’s a good coat. And everyone needs a good coat so I’ve hung onto it.

Over the years the lining has worn away to tatters and I’ve finally decided to fix it!

I found this fun cloud print bedsheet at a thrift store and thought it would make a great new lining.

Good_Winter_Coat_Fix_Lining (1).jpg

I unpicked the old lining, I traced out the pattern. Then sewed it all together


Now my coat is good as new with a touch of fun! And just in time for winter🎉❄️😁

Good_Winter_Coat_Fix_Lining (1).gif