Giving a little back, One Stitch at a Time – Teaching Crochet in Cambodia


Crochet supplies have been bought and packed and the start of our 3rd adventure for 2013, is about to begin.

In a few days we’ll set off to South East Asia, where I’ll be spending 3 weeks teaching crochet in Cambodia, to women in the Psar Touch Community in Phnom Penh.

Over the last year my husband Mike has been back and forth to Cambodia with a UK based charity called KungFuture, who have partnered with a local organization called Riverkids. Through sports and play they have taught the children in the Psar Touch Community basic skills about health and hygiene. Mike’s experiences have been so inspiring I wanted to join them for their 3rd project.

As I didn’t have any experience in sports I started thinking about what I could bring to the table. After doing a bit of research I quickly realised that Cambodia is still suffering from the ramifications of the Khmer Rouge. Although the country is slowly healing poverty is still a huge problem. Like many poverty stricken countries the women and young girls are often forced into prostitution or victims of human trafficking. A lot of the women seek work in garment factories however with the horrific working conditions this choice is not ideal either!

With this new found information I decided to run a series of textile workshops mainly focussing on crochet. I thought this would be a good choice as you don’t need any heavy equipment or electricity to operate.

I’m hoping that by teaching the women a new skill they’ll be able to generate some income for their families by finding work at NGO’s or social enterprises that sell handcrafted product like FriendsDaughters of Cambodia or Smateria to name a few. Or by selling their own products at the local markets.

This will be my first volunteering in a foreign country and although I have no idea what to expect I’m excited for the experiences that lie ahead bring on week one 

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