I wore my Bedsheet to my Wedding

With our one year wedding anniversary just around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to blog about my upcycled wedding dress 

We decided to have a super small wedding. Actually, we eloped (to our parent's dismay). We got married at the registry office in Marleybone in London, with four of our friends.

Still, in the middle of My Style ChallengeI was reluctant to buy a new dress. Also with a specific style and design in mind, I was 100% positive that it would be virtually impossible to find what I was looking for 3 days! (Yes talk about lastminute.com!!!)

I had bought my basic sewing machine about two months before our big day. And with no formal training, I attempted to make my own wedding dress… The weekend before our wedding!  (No pressure!)

In hindsight, I have no idea what I would’ve done if it didn’t work out!

The Upcycled Wedding Dress

I used an old white bed sheet stashed away at the back of the linen cupboard. Found some organza, satin cord, white netting (for my veil) and an invisible zip at a charity store. And proceeded to ‘mash’ my way through designing and sewing my very own wedding dress.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any step by step pics of how I did this but at face value, the dress did turn out the way I envisioned it…. And wasn’t bad for my first sewing project. Plus it did the job for the day 👰🤵


Although I will admit, it’s constructed extremely poorly!

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