Live Your Dreams

Sitting in a hammock looking up at a sky full of stars, I can feel the thick sea air on my skin, hear the waves crash in the distance and taste the sweetness of the future.

Arugam Bay has been my favourite place on our Sri Lankan adventure. I’m not sure if it’s the people we’ve met. The place itself. The cold showers. Or the lessons I’ve learnt here. Whatever it is these four days have been magical!


Arugam Bay is known as the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka and it’s usually bustling with tourists trying to catch a wave. But it’s low season so we have the place to ourselves! 

We met Arun on the beach the first day we arrived. And OMG! What an amazing guy! It’s been ages since I’ve met someone who’s so passionate and vibrates such positive energy!

He shared his eco-warrior stories and surfing adventures with so much enthusiasm it was hard not to feel inspired. Arun made me see how NOW is the only time to live the life you dream of.


Besides that little epiphany. Arun also taught me to ‘walk’ across a slackline and trust my feet.

He took us on a trek through the jungle to a beautiful beach. We did most of this trek barefoot. It was liberating to feel mud and animal poop💩, squish between my toes 😆

When we stumbled on some fresh elephant tracks Arun explained that elephants and humans share the path 😵 I’m quite relieved we didn’t run into one!

We picked and ate jungle fruit. They look like gooseberries and have the texture of a pear  🤤

We ran up rock a face (barefoot again!) and were treated to a beautiful view.


We helped lovely ladies pick peanuts. And learnt that peanuts grow like potatoes and not peas!


My experiences in Arugam Bay made me realise how little I need to live the life I daydream about. And as we leave this magical place it’s time to turn those daydreams into reality.

TravelNicole Kerrigan