Oh Victoria. How I❤️You!

Over the last 3 years of living in Australia. We’ve noticed a little pattern emerging

Every holiday we plan (or didn’t plan…) had us gravitating towards Melbourne. On our road trips, we’d explore the smaller towns around Victoria. After a couple of trips, we can officially say we LOVE this region of Australia.

Now don’t get me wrong Australia is a big continent. And yes there are loads of places we’ve yet to see. But there is something about this part of the world that excites us.

Our last trip took us through Bright. It’s a stunning little town with awesome cafes and boutiques. It’s also the only place in Australia the produces chocolate bean to bar.


But my favouritest thing (as always) is seeing local wildlife😍 Surrounded by nature🌿 is super calming. And it’s my biggest catalyst for my creative process. There’s nothing better than sitting and watching furry and not so furry creatures do their thing.

Here are a few highlights of my Disney Princess Moments* from our last trip:

Despite the heat, we ran into some active koalas. Usually, you’d find these guys sleeping in the trees.

There were a few occasions where we got super close to big male kangaroos. Like this guy here. It was pretty intimidating and we did get a little nervous.

Echidnas are also fun to see. They’re pretty much an Australian hedgehog  And aren’t they fun to watch?!

And most exciting of all!!!! We finally saw our very first Wombat! That wasn’t dead on the side of the road or in a zoo. Sad but true…

All these animals had me squealing with delight. Total cuteness overload!!! I had to keep reminding myself:

Although they look cute and cuddly. They’re wild animals. And they have big ass claws! No matter how strong the urge… DON’T! Try pet them!

Another highlight from 2016/17 road trip was stumbling on Falls Creek. Which we found out is a ski resort in winter (YES skiing in Australia!! I be like WWHHHAATTT😱😱😱?!?!?!). In summer it’s great for mountain biking and hiking.

We decided to spend a few nights here and hike the trails. We went up to Mt Mckay to watch the sunset and the full moon rise which was fabulous.


In the City of Melbourne. Walking round the Botanical gardens is our favourite things to do. This time we ran into a tree filled with rainbow lorikeet. They were gorgeous! All I know is when we have a place with a garden. I’m planting one of these trees  The birds were going bananas! Feasting and singing songs like there was no tomorrow!

P.S. * Disney Princess Moments: You know all Disney Princesses sing and dance with animals. Well that’s how I imagine my animal encounters…  Just without the singing… I couldn’t hold a note even if my life depended on it! 😝

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