Plastic Free July Ain’t Over Yet


So you took the pledge and vowed to go plastic free for July

With July coming to an end like the speed of light.  You look back at the highs and lows of your journey.

You chuckle as you remember what you went through to find cheese without plastic packaging. LOL😂 The dedication!

Then you remember:

The look on the waiter’s face when you said “NO straw please” as you ordered your green smoothie. – Oh yes, I’m going to be that customer today😜.

The willpower it took for you NOT to order your morning coffee to go. Because you forgot your reusable cup. – Sorry people I speak to this morning😱!

The annoying sigh you got from the lady at the busy checkout counter when you pulled out 20 of your own grocery bags. – OMG! The embarrassment😳.

And the funny stares you got from other customers as you put your fruit and veg in your reusable produce bags. – Errr no, I’m not stealing😣!

Holy shit snacks it was hard! 31 Days of no plastic! Fricking hell Hi5s all round! Boom baby you did it!

So what next?

Don’t stop here.

Extend the challenge. See if you can do it for another month.

Remember the basics:

  • Bring Your Own: Bag, Cup, Cutlery, Bottle, Container
  • Say No to Straws!

You can do it! We can do it! For nothing else but these teeny tiny little guys 😃