Resin Jewellery Workshop At The Makers' Hub

Not so long ago I attended one of our resin jewellery workshops we run at The Makers' Hub.

Since moving to Canberra The Makers' Hub has become my second home the thing I love most about this space is all the equipment at your disposal. Being able to test drive equipment is awesome and it allows for collaborative consumption which helps the environment as well :-) and we like that a lot! And secondly, I've met some kick-ass creatives too!

But back to the workshop... To be honest working with resin never ever occurred to me and I've never thought anything of it so I didn't really know what to expect. But the workshop was 2 hours which is just enough time to get a quick creative fix and then get back to work :-)

As we all took our seats around the table Mikaela (our awesome instructor) called out the safety rules and handed out our gear which made me feel like I was in a science class!


The resin we worked with was fast setting. So fast that we were able to walk out with a ring and a bangle! As always the hardest part of the workshop was choosing your colours... I eventually decided on a pale yellow. And I'm super happy with the result the only thing left to do was to smooth out the edges with a nail buffer.


Seeing how quick and easy it was to work with I came back to use the equipment and do more resin experiments 🤓 After A LOT of trial and error with a few different flowers. I managed to preserve this lovely orchid 👇