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Upcycle Printer Paper Like a Boss👌

As you may know by now I’m a zero waste advocate. And nowadays a good way to reduce waste is to go paperless. You can almost get anything in digital format these days. Books 📚, newspapers🗞️, magazines, photos, tickets 🎟️: movie, transport, parking, concert, boarding pass ✈️… You get the picture 😉

But the one thing I haven’t managed to convert to digitally yet is my notebook.
There’s something about writing things down with a real pen 🖊️and paper📜.
Not to mention that super satisfying feeling when you cross things off a to-do list.
I’m not sure why but I remember things better when I write stuff down.
And I tend to refer back to notes in my notebook, rather than laptop… 🤔

So this morning when I sat down in my rocking chair with my coffee☕ in hand, ready to write out my days to-do list. I noticed my notebook reaching the end of its life ALREADY 😱😱😱

Loathed to buy a new one before the year’s out I decided to test my bookbinding skills and add a few extra pages to my notebook.

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