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Crochet Workshop Wraps Up

I can’t believe how quickly these three weeks have flown by! It feels like only yesterday that I was getting ready to embark on this epic journey and nothing could’ve prepared me for this experience of a lifetime!

As week 3 of my crochet workshop in Cambodia comes to a close I look around and am so pleased with what the class have produced!

Creativity and teamwork has been contagious this week. I am so impressed at how quickly these ladies have learnt to crochet, working with different yarns and hooks, as well as applying what they have learnt in each lesson to create better and individual products and learning how to read crochet patterns without knowing how to read, write or speak English!

Here are a few pics to wrap up My Crochet Workshop in Cambodia:

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Crochet Workshop - Deciphering Code

I’m so glad my first week as a volunteer in Cambodia ended on a high note because it allowed us to seriously push the boundaries in the second week! It would be fitting to say we had a couple of eureka moments this week.

The most important one to mention was working out how to teach the women to read a pattern (as you can imagine this was like deciphering code) so that they can continue creating products once the programme came to an end!

The biggest obstacle was the reading and understanding the patterns in English as none of them could speak English let alone read or write. With the help of the sewing teachers, who could speak a tiny bit of english we did a bit of brainstorming…

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Upcycling Lesson in Cambodia

Volunteering in Cambodia has been an amazing experience. For the past few weeks I’ve been running crochet workshops teaching the women in the community how to crochet we even had a lesson on how to follow a pattern.

But this week one of the ladies, Danni, wanted a break from crochet, as she prefers to sew. So I did a quick lesson in upcycling I showed her how to turn skirts into bags and shirts into skirts.

Here’s what we did:

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Crochet Workshop - Foundation Chain

One week in and looking back at the decision I made to volunteer in Cambodia and the crochet supplies I bought for this trip it’s the BEST investment I’ve made in my life thus far!

This week has been… To be honest it’s just impossible to describe… But I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it! Who would have thought that I’d be teaching a crochet workshop in Cambodia!

I think I’ve set a good foundation for the teachers to continue teaching groups in the future.

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Giving a little back, One Stitch at a Time – Teaching Crochet in Cambodia

Crochet supplies have been bought and packed and the start of our 3rd adventure for 2013, is about to begin.

In a few days we’ll set off to South East Asia, where I’ll be spending 3 weeks teaching crochet in Cambodia, to women in the Psar Touch Community in Phnom Penh.

Over the last year my husband Mike has been back and forth to Cambodia with a UK based charity called KungFuture, who have partnered with a local organization called Riverkids. Through sports and play they have taught the children in the Psar Touch Community basic skills about health and hygiene. Mike’s experiences have been so inspiring I wanted to join them for their 3rd project.

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