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4 Crochet Tips for Lefties

I ran my first Beginners Crochet workshop in Canberra.

The class was small and intimate so I was able to go slowly and give each person that extra bit of attention. Everyone did great 👏 They eventually got to grips with coordinating the hook and yarn. And we covered most of our core stitched in just 2 hours so pretty successful for Part 1 of this 4 part series.

But learning to crochet can be hard. Learning to crochet left-handed can be harder! Especially when your teacher is right-handed. This is what I learnt teaching this first class.

One of my students was left-handed. It took longer for her to grasp the techniques because everything had to be mirrored and she was getting frustrated and almost gave up. And no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get my left hand to move the way I wanted it too.

Driving home I kept thinking of ways I could make things easier for her in the next class. And then I had a shower thought! I could teach myself to crochet with my left hand!

Here’s a little video 👇 I put together with 4 very simple tips that make it easier to crochet with your left hand. Whether you’re left-handed and want to learn to crochet. Or you just want to train your brain I hope these little tips will help you on your way.

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