The Beautiful Art of Making Lace

When we were travelling through Sri Lanka I met Sri Romi, in Tissamaharama who taught me the extremely time consuming, intricate and delicate traditional craft of making lace.

I’ve always been a fan of lace. Amazed at the fine detail and delicate nature, it brings a certain sense of luxury to any piece of fabric. As a confident crocheter I’ve still never been able to make a big enough piece of lace because it takes FOREVER!

The method Sri Romi uses is called Bobbin Lace. Using thin cotton thread she weaves, twists and braids each strand to create beautiful pieces of fabric.


After working with Sri Romi I have a new appreciation for this ancient skill! And travelled back home with a lovely piece of lace!

After A LOT of thought, I finally decided to make a little dress and incorporate the small bit of lace I’d made. A few of my friends have buns in the oven and one of them is bound to have a beautiful baby girl 🍼. Right?!?

Well after holding out for a few years they’ve all given birth to healthy baby boys 😍

So this lovely little dress is looking for a new home 👇