The Fear of Dyeing

The process of dyeing textiles has always been haunted me😨. I’ve always been a bit nervous to do it on my own – Worried that I’m going to get the mixture wrong. Burn a hole in my dye pot…  Or worse completely mess up the only bit of recycled fabric I had to create my next project.

Although I’m pro – “The Happy Accidents” there’s nothing worse than destroying a project because you made up the wrong solution for the quantity of fabric🤦‍♀️.

So how did I get over my fear? 

I took a workshop ofc!

In one day Mugdha from Entanglewood put all my fears of dyeing a side 🎉🎉🎉

Using leaves, bark, fruit and vegetable skins Mugdha taught us how simple the process can be. No more mixing chemicals! Although mathematics and a bit of origami was involved 🙂


This process is so natural and embraces all of your senses it was good to get back in touch with nature! There's a Botanical science about this process and I will never look at a leaf the same again!


And at the end of the workshop, when it was time to unwrap our bundled scarves. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning attacking my biggest present🎁 first 😆.

I love the fact that the outcome of your project is unpredictable. This process makes each project unique as it’s difficult (but not impossible) to get the same result every time.


I'm hoping to include more natural dyes into my own creative process in the future 🎉🎉🎉