The No Pants Dance

Today we spent the day in Yala Nature Reserve. We wanted to find some leopards 🐆

15 mins into the park and we were among 15 other land rovers racing through the nature reserve to “hunt” down the leopards. There were exhaust fumes and dust flying everywhere and the driver was bashing through the vegetation like his life depended on it! 😭 It was unpleasant. And I’m sure the animals in the park were traumatised too. Not the kind of safari we were used to 😤

We asked our driver to not chase after the poor leopard. But instead to randomly drive to see what we could find instead.

As we meandered for 10 mins we were treated to a peacock mating dance. This was a spectacular display of the male peacock opening his beautiful blue and green tail like a fan and shaking it to impress his peahen. Of course, she played hard to get 😝 and wasn’t interested and trotted off.


 A few minutes after leaving the courting pair we stumbled across another peacock getting his mating dance on… and then another and another…

We figured they all need dates for Valentines Day 😍 which is just around the corner!  It was quite comical to watch as each peahen gave the peacock the cold shoulder! 😂

Although we didn’t see any leopards we did enjoy the peacock mating dance several times. In the words of Nelly and P Diddy Shake Ya TailFeather ! 

Side note: Peacocks could be called the pigeons of Sri Lanka. There are sooooo many peacocks here! Don’t get me wrong they are beautiful birds and I’d take peacocks over dirty London pigeons any day!

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