The Sad Truth About Take Away Coffee. And What To Do About It!


Have you noticed an increase in special days to celebrate specific things? Like Earth Day or World Sea Turtle Day or World Elephant Day. I find it kinda interesting that we’ve got to the point in our lives where we need to have these days. Why can’t every day be earth day and world sea turtle day and world elephant day? 🤔🤔🤔

With that said. I found out that today is International Coffee☕ Day! Lol 😂😂 And it so happen that I’m writing about coffee today… Talk about serendipity!

FACT: I love coffee☕. I can’t get my day started without one. And having a husband who’s a coffee connoisseur I’ve become a bit of a coffee snob myself. Some people collect wine from their travels we collect coffee.

But about 3 years ago I made a horrible discovery. I found out the sad truth about take away coffee. Well to be clear it was about disposable coffee cups, not the delicious nectar itself.

For as long as I’ve been drinking coffee I always thought you could recycle coffee cups. To my horror😲this isn’t true at all!

The Sad Truth About Take Away Coffee: Disposable coffee cups CAN’T Be recycled! And end up in landfills 😖😖😖

How is this possible?

Well, I was under the assumption that coffee cups are made of paper. But hidden under the paper is a thin plastic layer. Because you can’t separate the paper and the plastic the coffee cups end up in landfills instead.

So I sat down and did the maths. If I have one coffee a day on my way to work for a year that’s on average 260 cups I’ve personally sent to landfill in one year! That number alone was enough to give me hives. And I wasn’t going to let my love affair with coffee kill the planet.

So I went on a mission to find a reusable coffee cup. And that’s when I found  KeepCup.

There’re loads of reusable cups out there but here are my reasons for choosing this particular brand.

  1. They’re manufactured in Australia
  2. They sell the parts separately. So you can fix and repair your KeepCup 🎉🎉🎉
  3. The design is awesome
  4. I found them in Canberra

Here’s a video from ABC News I found with more facts and figures around disposable coffee cups.

So if you’re a coffee addict like me I encourage you to become a re-user. Find a reusable coffee cup and enjoy your coffee without killing the planet.

Not a coffee drinker? These cups are great for tea, hot chocolate, or any beverage really! Hey you can even have your gluten-free muesli in it #winningatlife 😝

PS. If you’re in Canberra, Australia and wanna buy your own KeepCup. Head to Living in Style in Manuka. They have an awesome range and you can mix and match the colours to create your own design!