Treehotel - Lapland Sweden


Ok, so I'm OBSESSED with living in the trees! So when I found this amazing eco-boutique hotel for Mike's birthday I was like YES! We're totally going there!

All the rooms are amazing structures, like a UFO and Birds Nest, but we only had the pleasure of staying in the Mirror Cube and the Blue Cone.

If you're looking for something different, enjoy the outdoors and super comfy around your travel partner... Then book your trip now! Head over to the Tree Hotel website for more info.

My little take on our experience may or may not change your mind on visiting 

Located in Harads, near the Lule river, about 100 kilometres from Luleå airport, puts you right in the middle of nowhere! We spent four days nestled in the trees and was the perfect little break from the city.

The nearest town is about an hours walk from the hotel although I can’t recommend anything here – we booked our trip over the Easter Break in April and all the shops and restaurants were closed. All our meals were home cooked and were enjoyed in the guesthouse (which is also the reception area). The owners, Britta and Kent, were perfect hosts, very welcoming and always happy to help.

Now remember this is an eco-hotel, and the bathroom facilities are slightly different to your normal boutique hotel 😜

Firstly, there's no running water in any of the rooms. Which means no shower or bath. You get a basin and a container of water that can be topped up as you need. There's a communal shower in the Tree Sauna a short walk from the cabins.

Our first night was spent in the Mirror Cube 👇


This is the only room with a freeze toilet. The architects of this room didn’t want any pipes to change the design so they decided a freeze toilet would be the best solution. Basically, once you’ve done your business💩 you don’t have to flush or do anything else just walk away…. YES that’s right JUST WALK AWAY 🤣🤣🤣…. I found this to be a rather strange concept and kept feeling like I had forgotten something after I peed! Howeves, I’m pretty sure this is not what you’re thinking about right now… Yes, two words LAYER CAKE💩🍰! 

The rest of our trip was spent in the Blue Cone 👇


Your eyes don't deceive you. And there's nothing wrong with your monitor😂😂😂 This cabin is RED! The architects of this room wanted to make the room stand out from its surroundings but kept the name originally chosen. This cabin, like all the others, has an incinerator toiletVery easy to use – You line the bowl with a paper bag, press a button, do your business💩, close the lid and press another button (to “flush”). Everything is sucked into a holding tank and incinerated! You literally poop💩 in a bag and set it alight🔥!

Like I said probably good to know the above before you plan a romantic get away with a new partner. It’s a wonderful place to visit. We're hoping to plan another trip either to see the Northern Lights or during the Midnight Sun.

If we time it right we’d love to stay in The Cabin which has a fantastic terrace and feels like you floating amongst the trees!

TravelNicole Kerrigan