Unravelling Fast Fashion

The question: "What sparked your eco-journey?" gets asked A LOT! And this is my story  👇 

In 2011 I  was getting restless. Feeling unfulfilled with work but not knowing what to change I finally decided I wanted more creativity in my life. 

And I thought well maybe NOW is the time to embrace my love for fashion design. (Yes, it took me over a decade to actively start doing what I love!)

I bought a couple of “how to” fashion books, signed up for a couple of workshops and proceeded to set myself a little style challenge – to wear a different outfit every day, but I wasn’t allowed to shop.

And it was here where I started to unravel the impact of fast fashion and the effects of consumerism. Horrified by the effects of textile waste and the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. My love for fashion started to die...

As I dug deeper I became aware of ethical brands and started asking more questions like:

🤔Where are my clothes coming from? 🙄Who's making them? 🤨What materials and dyes are they using?

I started questioning the £1 item I bought at Primark – Yes, a bargain! BUT if I’ve only paid a pound for it, how much is the person making it getting paid? And more importantly what conditions are they working in!

I became more aware of the clothes around me and started noticing what everyone was wearing – I noticed that everyone was dressed very similarly or even worse, wearing the same clothes just made in different fabrics.

🤷‍♀️What's happened to individualism?

The more I dug, the more I'd boycott shopping. And became OBSESSED with making my own things – ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!

My love for creating exploded – It felt like I had opened Pandora’s Box!

Today I've focussed my skills on crochet and upcycling and on a mission to divert more stuff heading to landfill. My personal goal is to have a zero waste lifestyle and live harmoniously with nature.

I hope I can do my bit for the environment, bring back individuality and have some fun along the way.