Why I LOVE my period panties. And why you might like ‘em too!

First up if you’re not a fan of talking about bodily fluids you might want to click away NOW. Because I’m going to explain why I LOVE my period panties 🤘.

The next thing on my list to reduce waste in my life was looking at my feminine hygiene products. From the age of 15 I’ve been using sanitary pads and tampons. Again sitting down and doing the maths on the amount of waste I’ve created over the years. I wanted to find an alternative to these products.

So as always I booked a coffee date with my best friend Google. And researched sustainable alternatives I quickly figured out I didn’t have tons of options. Things that popped up for me where:

  1. Organic cotton tampons
  2. Reusable menstrual pads
  3. The Menstrual cup
  4. DIY tampons
  5. A sea sponge

The organic tampons was out cause it wasn’t reducing waste. I didn’t like the idea of reusable pads cause it just feels like I’m wearing a nappy. Number 4 & 5 – I think these are just pushing it a bit too far for me. I didn’t feel like sticking a baby sock up my va-jay-jay. Or a sea sponge for that matter😳😳😳

So I continued to research the menstrual cup. But I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea either. Feeling a little deflated from this whole exercise I decided to take a break and tend to my plants🌱. And forget about it for a while.

Then one evening after dinner. I was soaking up the evening sun as it poured into the lounge. Lying on my back because I had eaten too much🙈 And scrolling through my Facebook feed. A new story popped up. My friend, Efi in London shared a link on about Thinx Period Panties. A sign from the Universe? Most definitely!

15 minutes later I bought 3 pairs of period panties. And about 3 weeks later they arrived in the post. I’ve been using them for the last 11 months and I’m super happy I made the switch.

So why do I love my period panties?

  1. Unlike the menstrual cup cleaning my period panties is super easy! I give them a rinse when I’m in the shower and add them to my load of laundry. No extra steps in my life. I do all that already.
  2. There’s no bulkiness. Like Zero! It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing a nappy. They’re just like normal panties. And they comfy too!
  3. You can wear them even when you don’t have your period. This is perfect for travelling! I don’t have to carry anything extra with me. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Things to get used to.

After years of using tampons, there was a transition to period panties. It wasn’t massive but it’s worth mentioning:

  1. You can feel yourself bleeding. With tampons you don’t.
  2. I didn’t realise how much I bleed every month. It was a bit of a shock. Let’s just say I’ll never swim in the ocean when I’m on the rag. Even with a tampon. It’s like chumming the water to attract sharks🦈!
  3. Know your flow. This will help choose which panties to buy. For example: I’m a light bleeder and have a fairly short cycle (like 3 – 4 days). When I used tampons regular and mini was all I ever used. My first day is my heaviest and by my fourth I’m spotting.

So I bought:

I time my laundry accordingly so I have a fresh pair when I need ’em.

I think if you have a heavier cycle. Double up so you have 2 pairs per day. If you need a fresh pair in the morning you don’t have to worry about doing the laundry.

P.S. I’m not affiliated with the brand mentioned in this post. There are different brands of period panties out there. These are just the ones I use and I think they’re totally awesome!