Winter Is Coming! Need More Oranges!



08:45 on a Friday morning I find myself stuck under the armpit of a man in a business suit on my train into Melbourne CBD. Lucky for me he’s wearing cologne and not coughing on me Because this morning EVERYONE is sniffling. Has a snotty nose or couching their lungs out 🤧

I count my blessings but bury my head deeper into my scarf. And wish I had walked into the city instead.

The germaphobe in me is screaming don’t touch anything and try not to share the same air as everyone… LOL😂! Impossible I know. But it’s a reminder that WINTER IS COMING! And I need to boost up on vitamin C, and stock up on oranges.

In winter our house is jam-packed with oranges. I like to believe it’s the reason I’ve not been sick in four years. Touch wood my luck continues 

With all the oranges we’ve been eating my studio is overflowing with these netted orange bags.



On one hand, I’m patting myself on the back going YAY Me😆 I’m healthy AF. But I’m also feeling anxious that I’m creating more waste with all these netted orange bags

During these times of mass panic (a bit dramatic yes…) I remind myself these are the reasons I’m cra-cra OBSESSED with upcycling 

After a few days of brainstorming. I’ve come up with a couple of upcycled projects for these bags. YAYness 🎉🎉🎉

And today I’d like to share one of my ideas with you. Here’s how you can make a bag out of… Well, a bag. Lol 😂😂😂 

My materials:



  • 2 x 100g balls Thrifted white 4ply acrylic yarn (you can use anything you like)
  • Thrifted magnetic clasp (that came off an old handbag)
  • Trusty 3.75mm crochet hook
  • 3 x Netted orange bags

Step 1: Join the 3 netted orange bags to create a tube. Do this by crocheting panels up the length of the bags. I made the panels about 5 cm wide. And sew/slip stitch both ends together.


Tip: You can double up the netted bags or fold them in half to make them stronger.

Step 2: Crochet the top and base of the bag.

Top Panel:
Crochet a panel along the top until it’s about 5cm high.

Bottom Panel:
I crocheted the bottom panel 5 cm high. Then decrease each round until the base of the bag is formed.


Step 3: Crochet 2 x straps about 5cm wide and long enough to go over my shoulder. Attached them to the top of the bag. And Sew the magnetic clasp to the centre of the top panel



And that’s it folks😃 Eat your oranges🍊 without the guilt of hurting the planet🌏. Plus you have a great bag for the beach or grocery shopping!

P.S. Use this same technique to create different shape bags to suit your needs. Be warned it can get addictive 😜

P.P.S. Want me to make one for you? Email me about a custom order 🎉