YES! The rumors are true. Your eyes don’t deceive you. And there isn’t a glitch on my website. So why have I decided to offer free repairs on my creations?

Confession time!

Over the last few years of being in business, I’ve felt like a hypocrite.

Here’s what I mean:

On one hand, as a product lead creative business, I ask you to buy my creations. And as an environmentalist, I ask you to stop consuming.

So there you have my internal dilemma. I’ve felt like I was getting pulled apart at the core.

It’s not felt right asking you to buy more when the world is facing enormous environmental issues.

So I decided to rethink the direction of where I wanted my creative journey to go.

I took a long hard look at my brand, my business, AND my life. I dissected every area to figure out what I wanted to focus on.

The Truth Slaps Me In My Face

After a few weeks of spilling my guts out in my journal and being brutally honest with myself.

I admitted that I was tiptoeing around the reasons I started this adventure in the first place.

Why? Because I was afraid. I was afraid that I didn’t have all the answers to being a sustainable business/ brand/human. And everything contradicts itself! So I felt like a fraud!

My Solution

I stripped it back to the bare basics. I got super clear. And it came down to this:

I want to Create. Save the planet. And inspire others to do the same.

Lucky for me the creating part was easy. I had that one figured out. But up-cycling was only the start to saving the planet. This process is great. Because it produces one-of-a-kind creations and diverts stuff heading to landfills. This ticked two main boxes for me.

The thing that was tripping me up was the end of the life-cycle for each creation.

What happens to this creation when you don’t want it anymore. Or if it breaks.

And that’s when I had a brain fart 🤯


I’m super excited about this. And where this journey will take us!

I’m 110% confident in my ability to make my creations. But as you know, no matter how well anything’s made. Over time everything will break. And because I make everything myself I sure as hell know how to fix🛠️it!

So nothing gets thrown away and nothing goes to landfills! YAY🎉! (Cue the fireworks🎆🎆🎆! And hear the sigh of relief!)

Inspiring And Teaching Others.

This is something that I get a kick out of doing too! Nothing makes me happier when I see others doing more of what makes them happy. And simply enjoying life. I understand how hard it is to slow down and navigate living more sustainably. Looking for answers and hitting more roadblocks imaginable. It’s overwhelming.

So I’m planning to share more posts on the gram on everything I uncover. From how to repair and look after your stuff, to creatively reduce waste, and other helpful resources that’ll help make the transition easier.

Because I believe that together we can divert more stuff heading to landfills. We CAN stop the Throw Away Culture that has become the norm for us. And we can make the change we want to see in the world.

Free Repairs

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